Regretfully, we have concluded that our only option is to postpone the 54th season until summer 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We waited and watched as many other theatres cancelled their season, just hoping that things would get better and we could continue as normal. As you all know, this time is anything but normal and it became evident that we had to make the difficult decision to break tradition this year.  Our company members come from all over the United States, and at this time we knew bringing them together was not a responsible choice. Their safety and the safety of our audience is our primary concern. As much as it breaks our hearts, we want you all to know we thought of our patrons every step of the way.

BVT is remarkable in so many ways, but mostly in its resilience. It will survive this too, but not without you. If you have contributed towards our 2020 season, we will honor your name in the 2021 program as well as your contributor tickets, which will be sent out in 2021. This will be a trying time for BVT’s finances. If you can make any further contributions, anything you can give will greatly help with our recovery. If you have any questions, please call 402-825-4121 and we will answer them to the best of our abilities.  

As soon as we can call the theatre a safe space again, we will open those white double doors and return to our normal: Making Great Theatre! Until then, please keep BVT in your thoughts and prayers during this uncertain time for the arts.
Be safe and we will see you all soon.

Thank you,
Rachel Curtiss and Mitch Bean

BVT Artistic Directors

Young Performer's Virtual 

Talent Show

July 11, 2020 7:30PM Central 

​BVT's first ever Young Performer's Talent Show will feature videos of your student's talents presented in one compilation video posted online for FREE viewing on our facebook page.


1. Students must showcase a theatrical talent such as a scene, monologue, dance, song, magic, juggling, stand-up, etc. This can be something they wrote themselves or a pre-existing work pulled from books, plays, movies etc. Any other talents that may work should be discussed with BVT's Artistic Directors Mitch Bean or Rachel Curtiss.

2. Length of submissions should be 1-3 minutes.

3. The talent show is open to students in grades K-12

4. Videos may include other people to assist in showcasing talents. EXAMPLE: a magician may need an assistant.

5. Each young performer must submit their final video along with the following information: Name, Grade in School, Talent and/or Title of Piece.

6. All video submissions should be sent to BVT at no later than Tuesday, June 30.

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