The BVT Mystery Troupe performs in Brownville at the River Inn Resort in late Fall and early Spring.  Attend one of their mysteries to help solve a murder all while having a delectable dining experience.  The troupe is comprised of past BVT company members and led by Artistic Directors Rachel Curtiss and Mitch Bean.  

Interested in bringing them to one of your events? Contact Mitch Bean at to inquire about more information.


Who Killed Punk?​

Tensions are high at the reunion show of emo punk band, The Arsenic Alibis. Reunited after a five year hiatus, the band, their manager, and a die hard fan must try to find a way t0 make the show go on despite ample unresolved issues. When the truck with the equipment doesn't show up, how long will it be before those disagreements turn deadly?

Without your help, this group of misfits will never be able to solve the murder. This interactive murder mystery brings a lot of edge served alongside a grizzly murder that will have the audience head banging and head scratching as they try to find out who done it.

BVT Mystery Troupe

'Til Death Do Us Part

You're cordially invited to the bodacious wedding reception of Ed Booker and Angela Clumpy. Prepare yourself for a full reception dinner, radical jams and some mad celebrations! If only the bride and groom would arrive on time... 

Help the wedding party solve the mystery! Someone is dead and there are 6 suspects with a lot to hide. This interactive wedding murder mystery takes you back to funky fresh 80s for a thriller that will take more than aquanet to solve. The cake won't be the only thing being cut...

Fowl Play

After Candy Phillip's death her sister, Celeste Phillips steps up to host the first ever fundraiser for Back to the Nest: a senior care center for domesticated birds. But Celeste has quite a few surprises up her sleeve. Hoping to shine a light on some of the more unsavory parts of her sister's death, she brings a mystery guest who is sure to ruffle a few feathers. Solve the mystery and join a slew of interesting characters as they host the fundraiser to die for. 

Shadows of Suspicion

Join us at a seance led by the famous medium Madame Cora Frances as she attempts to solve the mysterious death of local farmer Glenn Bryant.  Journey to the other side with Madame in this intriguing story with plenty of suspicious characters and plot twists. Who killed Glenn, and will he be the last to die? An interactive murder mystery dinner theatre experience that takes you back 100 years to a time of bootleggers and Spiritualism.