​How has a small theatre - the oldest in Nebraska - located in a tiny village in Southeast Nebraska been able to survive and prosper for over 50 years? 

The answer is you, all of you who have supported the theatre with your contributions, your friendship, and your attendance (get your tickets today) over the years. Many of you were in the audience when the theatre first opened in 1967.

CALL TODAY TO BUY GIFT CERTIFICATES that thrill your friends and loved ones while supporting the theatre! (402)825-4121. 

Brownville Village Theatre Contribution Levels
There are a variety of different levels that you can contribute, including attending our productions on a regular basis. On behalf of everyone associated with the Brownville Village Theatre, we express our deeply felt thanks of your generous gifts. Contributors are recognized for each of the following levels of giving.

Executive Producer, $2,000 receives full page ad & 10 5-punch contributor tickets
Producer, $1,000 receives half page ad & 8 5-punch contributor tickets

Director, $500 5 5-punch contributor tickets

Stage Manager, $300 receives 3 5-punch contributor tickets

Patron, $200 receives 2 5-punch contributor tickets

Friend, $100 receives 1 5-punch contributor ticket

​If you are interested in becoming a Season Sponsor or Show Sponsor, please contact the Brownville Village Theatre Director at 402-825-4121 or bvt1967@windstream.net

Remember, contributions minus ticket price are tax deductible.
Please call today to discuss any special giving opportunities you may have in mind.

Other Ways to Help:

The Brownville Village Theatre is always in need of items to ensure a successful season.  

Items include:

Vintage Clothing, Historical Costumes, Petticoats, Long skirts, HD Photo Camera, Laptop Computers, Tablets, Shoes, Toilet Paper, Liquid Hand Soap, Copy Paper, Marathon Multifold Paper Towels, Printer Toner, Wood Glue, Flat Black Paint, Flat White Paint, Flat Paint Any Color, Antique/ Vintage Furniture, Drills, Headset System, Toilet Bowel Cleaner, Windex, 409 All Purpose Cleaner, 13 Gallon Trash Bags, 10 Gallon Trash Bags, 1 x 4 Lumber, 2 x 4 Lumber, 1/4 Inch Plywood, 3/4 Inch Screws, 1 Inch Screws, 1 1/4 Inch Screws

Any questions can be directed to BVT Box Office at BVT1967@windstream.net

Donate Online

Donations can be made online via the donate button below.  

Thank you for your support!

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