Covid-19 Safety Procedures

  Safety for both our audience and company members is our top priority.  In order to ensure this safety, the current procedures are being taken to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. 

Current Procedures as of August 2022:

Masks will be required to be worn over both mouth and nose by patrons five years and older for the duration of the performance. 

 Masks will be available for those who are in need of one.  

Seating Capacity
 BVT will not restrict party sizes or audience attendance unless required by local or state restrictions. 

Box Office/ Ushering
BVT encourages all patrons to arrive early.  Will call tickets will be available for pick up when the house opens.  Hand sanitizer will be provided in the lobby for patrons to use as they enter the theatre.  

Cancellation Policy/ Refunds
In the event of a show cancellation due to COVID-19 exposure,  refunds will be offered to all patrons.  Additionally, transferring tickets to another show will be encouraged.  Refunds will only be given to COVID related incidents or at the discretion of the artistic directors.

Cleaning Procedures
After each performance, seats and seat cushions will be sanitized.  High touch surfaces will be sanitized which includes all door knobs and hand railings. 

Public Restrooms
Public restrooms will be cleaned after each performance.  All high touch surfaces will be sanitized including door knobs, sink handles, toilet handles, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers.  

***These procedures may be adjusted as CDC guidelines and state/local guidances change.***​